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Tasker: Android missed notification reminder

One interesting nuance of Android is the inability to repeat notifications.  So for example, you missed a call or there was a calendar appointment notification.  If you happen to miss the initial notification, there is no mechanism for follow-up notifications to be triggered. There are many apps devoted to this in the market, but I […]

64GB SDXC with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10 in) on Black Friday for a measly $269, what a deal!  After ordering the device, I decided I wanted to get a nice big SD card for it to store all of the movies and content I was sure to load onto it.  So then I […]

Multi-OS: PC, Mac, iOS & Android

As we move towards a more connected world, the operating system or device that you are using is becoming less important. We started to see this when Google released their Chromebook – a device that uses the web browser as the operating system.  Now we are spending more and more of our time connected to smartphones, […]

Tasker: Alarm clock, improved

One handy little app that I’ve found is Night Clock for those nights away from home and no alarm clock around.  However, I’ve always found that all night or alarm clock apps for Android are way too bright and act light a giant night light shining in my eyes.  So, I built a very simple Tasker […]

Creating a Virtual Desktop with Dropbox

I’ve been looking for a way to make myself completely device-independent, i.e. it doesn’t matter what device I am on I can log in and start working exactly where I left off. Services offered 100% in the cloud like Google Drive (previously Google Docs) are an obvious choice, but have their limitations – especially since I […]

Tasker: Sleep mode with text message reply

Ever get tired of going to bed (early or not) and being woken up by a friend’s unimportant call or text message?  But you can’t just turn all sound off, what if someone needed to get ahold of you in an emergency? Enter Tasker, a nifty little Android app that lets you take complete control […]

Installing Chrome & Flash with audio in Centos 6

Installing Flash in Linux has never been very easy.  However, Chrome for linux has now bundled Flash player with it, which does seem to simplify the process.  However, audio was still a trick to get working correctly, so I thought I would share the steps I followed to get everything up and running successfully. Install […]

Linux, Nvidia, HDMI and HD video + audio

One of the great things about newer video cards is that they will handle both video and audio in one device, and pass both through the HDMI cable.  This is a huge advantage for media center type boxes running MythTV, XBMC, Boxee, etc, as you can connect your media center directly to your receiver or […]