Multi-OS: PC, Mac, iOS & Android

As we move towards a more connected world, the operating system or device that you are using is becoming less important. We started to see this when Google released their Chromebook – a device that uses the web browser as the operating system.  Now we are spending more and more of our time connected to smartphones, which means more time on mobile operating systems as well.

With the landscape of devices and OS’s changing rapidly, I decided to try and make myself as device-independent as possible. What do I mean by “device-independent”? My goal is to be able to keep all of my work & contacts synced between devices, so I can pick up whichever one meets my needs and be ready to go. In fact, I have already been writing this article on 3 different devices – a tablet (iPad), and 2 laptops (a Macbook Air and a Dell Latitude).

Hopefully this series of articles will give you a good sense of how you can sync yourself online and become device-independent.

What is your take?