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Don’t lose your Contacts again, use Google

Have you ever lost all of your phone numbers or contacts? Do you have trouble keeping them all up to date? Have you ever found yourself without your phone or computer and you need to get in touch with someone? Here’s an example from my personal life:  I arrived on a week-long business trip in […]

Multi-OS: PC, Mac, iOS & Android

As we move towards a more connected world, the operating system or device that you are using is becoming less important. We started to see this when Google released their Chromebook – a device that uses the web browser as the operating system.  Now we are spending more and more of our time connected to smartphones, […]

Creating a Virtual Desktop with Dropbox

I’ve been looking for a way to make myself completely device-independent, i.e. it doesn’t matter what device I am on I can log in and start working exactly where I left off. Services offered 100% in the cloud like Google Drive (previously Google Docs) are an obvious choice, but have their limitations – especially since I […]