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Don’t lose your Contacts again, use Google

Have you ever lost all of your phone numbers or contacts? Do you have trouble keeping them all up to date? Have you ever found yourself without your phone or computer and you need to get in touch with someone? Here’s an example from my personal life:  I arrived on a week-long business trip in […]

Tasker: Android missed notification reminder

One interesting nuance of Android is the inability to repeat notifications.  So for example, you missed a call or there was a calendar appointment notification.  If you happen to miss the initial notification, there is no mechanism for follow-up notifications to be triggered. There are many apps devoted to this in the market, but I […]

64GB SDXC with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10 in) on Black Friday for a measly $269, what a deal!  After ordering the device, I decided I wanted to get a nice big SD card for it to store all of the movies and content I was sure to load onto it.  So then I […]

Tasker: Alarm clock, improved

One handy little app that I’ve found is Night Clock for those nights away from home and no alarm clock around.  However, I’ve always found that all night or alarm clock apps for Android are way too bright and act light a giant night light shining in my eyes.  So, I built a very simple Tasker […]

Tasker: Sleep mode with text message reply

Ever get tired of going to bed (early or not) and being woken up by a friend’s unimportant call or text message?  But you can’t just turn all sound off, what if someone needed to get ahold of you in an emergency? Enter Tasker, a nifty little Android app that lets you take complete control […]

Automating your world with Tasker

The best part of Android is the ability to make it do exactly what you want it to do, rather than what someone else thinks you want it to do.  Android by itself does a pretty good job of allowing customization, but to accomplish complete customization and automation of your mobile world, we’re going to […]